When you operate a TowHaul, you operate a custom piece of equipment that has been designed and built for your mine site. TowHaul parts are no different. By replacing your parts with TowHaul Genuine Parts, you’re ensuring proper fit and function with the most up-to-date designs from the people who know your TowHaul best.
Genuine TowHaul Parts are parts made in-house by our dedicated parts production team. They are designed and manufactured to be tough and reliable, prepared to withstand extreme environments and the tough jobs that are required of them.

Our dedicated parts department only produces custom parts for our TowHaul machines. This focus means you are getting the best fitting, most functional and up-to-date parts. With proper maintenance and care, this results in a better functioning machine with less down time. By replacing your TowHaul’s parts with parts from another manufacturer, you run the risk of using a part that doesn’t fit quite right. This could lead to cracking and more extensive damage over time.

Our Renewed Commitment
In recent years, we have doubled down on our commitment to be great partners by investing in our in-house parts department.

Our dedicated team is ready when you call with a request, making it fast and easy to get the part you need. By employing a dedicated staff for manufactured parts, we are able to reduce the amount of time it takes to get you the parts you need, so your equipment can be back up and running faster.

Anytime you order a part, we acknowledge receipt of your request and review it. Your part will then be pulled from our shelves, packaged and shipped. In-stock parts are generally ready for shipment in one to two business days.

Manufactured components are typically ready for shipment in 7-10 days. We strive to have your part ready to leave our factory within a week from the time the order is accepted by our team.

Plan Ahead
With proper planning, you can stay ahead of wear and tear on your TowHaul.

All customers receive a spare parts list and a maintenance schedule to plug into your mine’s maintenance strategy. Your planned maintenance schedule will tell you, based on operational hours, when wear components should be changed out. We will recommend a list of critical spares that is specific to your mine location that we recommend you keep stocked to alleviate downtown. You will also receive a list of non-critical spares that we also recommend keeping stocked to review during planned maintenance.

As always, our knowledgeable customer support representatives are ready to work with you to get you what they need when you need it.

TowHaul Genuine Parts come with the same assurance of reliability and toughness that our customers have come to expect. With some TowHaul units operating for well over 20 years, we want to help our customers maintain and service their machines so they are reliable pieces of production equipment for many years to come. We’re dedicated to supporting you to make this happen.