When you buy a TowHaul, you buy a piece of production equipment, a mine site workhorse, that is custom designed and built to perform. In this post, we walk you through the steps of ordering your TowHaul so that you have a clear picture of what to expect along the way.

What are you hauling?
At TowHaul, we aren’t just selling you a machine. We are serving as consultants to find a solution for your particular mobility needs, to design a unit that will allow you to move equipment more efficiently and increase productivity on your mine site.

During our first phone call, we will ask a number of questions. What do you want to haul? What does your truck fleet look like? What kind of excavators do you want to haul? What kind of dozers?

We also discuss possibilities you may not have considered. Do you need to move an excavator? Have you thought about the TowHaul Gooseneck and its potential to recover a truck when it breaks down? With the Towing Conversion Package, you could recover it quickly and bring it in for needed repairs instead of fixing it in the field.

We also encourage you to think not just about your needs today but your anticipated needs five years from now. Because you can get a lot of years out of your TowHaul, we want to make sure it is still a versatile piece of production equipment on your mine site in five years, 10 years, even 20 years down the road.

Where is it going?
After gaining a thorough understanding of the jobs you need it to do, we want to know about where it’s headed.

From the Arctic to Australia, we have engineered TowHaul units for all conditions and all climates. We designed an Arctic Package for our trailers with certain components created from steel designed to withstand the most brutal cold. For the Alberta oil sands, we engineered a trailer with more ground clearance that is specifically designed for the soft ground conditions.

While not all locations are that extreme, we do take into consideration the specific needs of each mine site to make sure you are getting the most out of your TowHaul. We will talk to you about road grades, corners, climate, the size of your truck fleet and more.

After decades of working with mines around the world, our team of experts has seen a wide range of conditions. They will gather as much information as they need to get you the machine you need.
Pre-Sales Engineers
If more information is needed or you request additional support at this stage, a pre-sales engineer will visit your site. During the visit, our engineer will assess your fleet, prime mover, environmental conditions and goals for your machine. Collaboration with our engineers at this stage provides an added level of knowledge when we move into the design phase.
Let’s get hauling
Once we have a clear picture of your conditions and needs, we will put together a quote. Once we receive your order, we get started designing and building a custom machine that will be a valued piece of production on your mine site with the potential to adapt to your changing needs and continue serving your team for years into the future.

Customers are welcome to visit the factory at any time. This is a great time to get to know each other and show you around our family-owned business and our home in Montana. You can see TowHaul equipment as it’s being built and see why we have chosen Belgrade, Montana to be our headquarters.

After your TowHaul is complete, it is shipped to your mine. Our unique modular design makes it easy to get our machines where they need to go.

When you buy a TowHaul, you become part of the TowHaul family. We can’t wait to get to know you!