TowHaul is a family company, rooted in Belgrade, Montana USA for nearly three decades. Over the years, TowHaul has been built on a reputation of Montana values: integrity, honesty, hard work, transparency and kindness. Today, we credit our dedication to excellence and commitment to our word for our worldwide reputation and the ability to do business in 26 countries on six continents around the world.

We have designed TowHauls to be tough and last in all conditions, from 130° sites in Australia to north of the Arctic Circle. We’ve even engineered equipment to handle regionally specific challenges.  For example, TowHaul has an Oil Sands Configuration to provide improved ground clearance for the unique conditions found in northern Alberta.

TowHaul’s focus is worldwide. We have found that our Montana values, the same ones that help set us apart, are universal when it comes to doing business. So, by taking a personal approach to our projects, we are able to connect with people all over the world.

A custom approach
Each piece of TowHaul equipment is custom designed and manufactured to exceed expectations on the site it’s headed to. Not all mining lowboys are created equal. If you want a machine that can easily move tracked equipment and tow disabled haul trucks, you want a TowHaul. If you want a machine that is tough enough to still be running in 15 to 20 years, you want a TowHaul. If you want added versatility to move dragline buckets or pull a water tank, you want a TowHaul.

We begin each project by looking at your current equipment and determining what is appropriate to work with what is already on site.

Our pre-sale engineers will visit your site and talk with your team about the performance needs of the equipment. Every detail is taken into consideration during this process to ensure you are getting a TowHaul that will prove to be a valued piece of production equipment. We look at road grades and lengths, corners and climate. We discuss safety standards specific to your region. We evaluate the trucks that will need to be towed, equipment loading profiles and overall goals for the equipment. Each mine is different and has different needs based on location, climate, terrain and location requirements; we take all of that into consideration when building your TowHaul.

After the pre-sales engineering phase is complete and a plan is in place, our specialized production engineers support the production team in creating your custom TowHaul. Design improvements are continuously incorporated based on our extensive knowledge of the mining industry and your specific needs.

Easy shipping
When it comes time to ship, the unique modular design of our trailers makes it easy to get our products where they need to go, whether it is a remote jungle or high in the mountains. This capability to ship and maintain equipment just about anywhere on the globe has allowed us to find mining solutions for some of the most remote areas on Earth.
Ongoing on-the-ground maintenance
Our relationship doesn’t end once your machine has been shipped. Our service engineers work with the service team before and after a project is put into service. You can count on the field service team to be there to prepare for the install and set you up with a planned maintenance schedule.

Meanwhile, our systems engineers are always working to develop improvements to the systems components for future products. It is this focus on learning and improving that has allowed us to take information we have gained from mines around the world and apply them to similar areas where we work. This sharing of knowledge and constant learning allows us to engineer the best solution for each mine.

We may call Montana home, but we are happy to be working and finding solutions all over the world.