The lower hooks of your TowHaul Gooseneck are the critical connection point between your Gooseneck and Lowboy.  During normal operation, these hooks can become worn and may be in need of replacement.  However, replacing the lower hooks is a complex and labor-intensive, job which requires onsite supervision of installation from an Authorized TowHaul Service Technician. That supervision can be difficult to arrange during these challenging times. In addition, cutting and welding in new hooks can only be done a limited number of times before the parent material of the Gooseneck side plate will become fatigued or have other issues related to repeated welding repairs. 

To streamline this process into more of a "plug and play" option, TowHaul is pleased to introduce the TowHaul Gooseneck Shell.  This concept aims to re-use components that remain in good operating condition (hydraulic cylinders, toe) on your existing Gooseneck but avoid the labor hours, shop space and expertise necessary to perform a Gooseneck Pick-up Hook replacement.  In the rendering above, the yellow portion is the shell and the rest of the components in grey/green can usually be reused.  Additional advantages include:
  • Very little welding required (Gooseneck Pick-up Hook replacement requires full penetration weld with NDT inspection)
  • Simple component removal and assembly
  • Estimated 70% reduction in labor hours onsite
  • Significantly fewer days in the shop or on build pad (3 days versus 12 for lower hook replacement)
For more information about a Gooseneck Shell and to inquire whether if your equipment is a good candidate for this type of project, please contact your sales team.